"Supporting the American Security Challenge is a great way for Accenture to help identify emerging technologies in the cyber security arena, and fits well with our continual focus and priority on providing leading edge national security solutions and services."

John Goodman
Managing Director of Accenture's U.S. Defense Practice.


September 2014

FounderCon: Techstars Annual Conference

FounderCon is the annual Techstars conference for their alumni [portfolio companies]. Filled with two days of valuable keynotes and breakout sessions, FounderCon also provides the Techstars team and alumni many opportunities to make valuable new connections. Attending this year's conference yielded important takeaways on (1) their network, (2) equity back guarantee, and, (3) TechStars 2.0. Read more


August 2014

London to Participate at Global Cybersecurity Innovation Summit

Roger London, ASC Chairman, is looking forward to attending SINET's Global Cybersecurity Innovation Summit as well as speaking on the topic of Accelerating Early Stage Innovation and Growth. The conference held in London September 16/17, 2014 is sponsored by Her Majesty's Government and U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate. For more information contact Roger London at


March 2014

ASC Partners With Techstars to Explore Cyber Accelerator

Techstars and ASC have officially partnered in exploration of a cyber accelerator, which will help cyber-focused innovative companies in the seed stage secure mentoring, services and funding they need. The accelerator would combine ASC’s decades of technology scouting and security experience with Techstars’ experience as a renowned accelerator to help take cyber companies to the next level. For more information contact Roger London at


December 2013

State of Maryland Licenses TechMATCH for Statewide Portal: Innovation Gateway

We are happy to announce that the state of Maryland will use TechMATCH to launch a revolutionary statewide innovation portal, thereby connecting hundreds of innovative companies at all stages to valuable resources, including investors, customers, incubators, universities and other stakeholders. This unprecedented system will harness TechMATCH’s matchmaking tools to connect the right innovative companies with the types of services they need. The MD Innovation Gateway is a tailored solution for innovative companies and stakeholders alike, which eliminates workflow redundancies and increases ROI for all parties involved. Contact Roger London at for more information.


December 2013

TechMATCH 5.0 Arrives

We are excited to announce the official launch of TechMATCH 5.0, the redesigned technology scouting software in use at companies across the country. Unlike most software upgrades, this one simplifies instead of overcomplicating things. It’s more intuitive, easier to use and there’s no learning curve. The core of the TechMATCH 5.0 system lies in its intelligent recommendation engine, which helps users find innovations faster. You simply tell the system the requirements you care most about and the system recommends companies that have technologies that meet your criteria. The system also acts as a force multiplier. You can see what your colleagues think about each innovative company, and with one click, they can send you information about companies in your wheelhouse. Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and associations can prevent major financial losses by using the new TechMATCH software to strategically manage knowledge. With TechMATCH, companies can find the technologies they need, while saving time, money and personnel headaches. To learn more about TechMATCH 5.0, contact Roger London at


November 2013

InvestMaryland Challenge Narrows the Field of Innovative Contenders

The InvestMaryland Challenge (IMC), an annual competition for young innovative companies, has completed its initial review of competition applicants who are in the running to receive up to $400,000 in grants and other prizes. The first round of reviews allows IMC officials to triage applicants to determine which ones meet the general competition criteria. Innovators that have been selected to remain in the competition can now upload additional documents, such as business plans and slide decks, which will provide reviewers with more detailed information about the company’s offerings. During this second and final round of reviews, IMC officials will use these additional documents to make final determinations about each company. The results will be revealed later this year. To learn more about the InvestMaryland Challenge, visit their website: To learn more about TechMATCH, visit the TechMATCH website:


August 2013

North Carolina State University Licenses TechMATCH for NSA Research

North Carolina State University has announced that their pioneering public and private partnership geared towards bolstering NSA research will be run on TechMATCH software. The partnership will allow for innovative companies in a number of growth stages to develop valuable strategic relationships, facilitated by TechMATCH. To learn more about TechMATCH and its ability to match capabilities with industry needs, visit the TechMATCH website:


June 2013

DBED Announces 2013-2014 InvestMaryland Challenge Using TechMATCH

The Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED) has announced that the 2013-2014 InvestMaryland Challenge, a competition for emerging innovative companies, will run on TechMATCH software. Every year, the InvestMaryland Challenge evaluates emerging entrepreneurs and awards top applicants with a number of coveted prizes, including business assistance and up to $400,000 in grant money. The InvestMaryland Challenge will rely on TechMATCH’s powerful evaluation and matching capabilities in order to identify the most exceptional entrepreneurs. With TechMATCH, reviewers can accurately assess the capabilities of hundreds of innovative companies in a timely fashion. To learn more about the InvestMaryland Challenge, visit their website: To learn more about TechMATCH, visit the TechMATCH website:


May 2013

NVCA Announces Corporate Connections Partnership

The National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) officially announced their support for and participation in Corporate Connections, the New York Stock Exchange (NYX) initiative that effectively matches large enterprises, such as Coca Cola and Wal-Mart, with the innovative technologies they need.

Corporate Connections serves as the crux of innovation supply and demand, thus yielding quality new relationships, shorter sales cycles and better transactions.

Through Corporate Connections, innovative companies have unprecedented access to connect with a range of powerful enterprises that are actively seeking innovation investing, licensing, contracting, acquisition and other opportunities.

The announcement, which was made at NVCA's yearly VentureScape conference earlier this month, gives NVCA members a unique opportunity to multiply the value of their investments by having their portfolio companies register with Corporate Connections.

NVCA members are encouraged to direct their portfolio companies to the Corporate Connections registration page to get started.

Enterprises interested in becoming a Corporate Partner or learning more about Corporate Connections should contact Roger London at roger@americansecuritychallenge.

For more information about Corporate Connections, visit the NYX website.

To learn more about TechMATCH, the software being used to run the Corporate Connections program, visit the TechMATCH website.

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May 2013

GCV Becomes Newest Corporate Connections Partner

Global Corporate Venturing (GCV) joins the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) as the newest Corporate Connections participant.

GCV members can now have their portfolio companies register with Corporate Connections, the New York Stock Exchange (NYX) innovation match-matching platform, where they can connect with large enterprises seeking innovation investing, licensing, contracting, acquisition and other opportunities.

In addition to increasing the value of their investments and accelerating a return, the most GCV and NVCA members will have their achievements recognized by NYX and their respective organizations.

The two organizations are expected to contribute more than 2,000 innovative companies to Corporate Connections by the end of the year.

If you are a GCV or NVCA member, direct your portfolio companies to the Corporate Connections application.

Enterprises interested in becoming a Corporate Partner or learning more about Corporate Connections should contact Roger London at roger@americansecuritychallenge.

To learn more about TechMATCH, the software being used to run the Corporate Connections program, visit the TechMATCH website.

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April 2013

Corporate Connections Adds TD Ameritrade as a Corporate Partner

The New York Stock Exchange (NYX) welcomes TD Ameritrade, Corporate Connections' newest Corporate Partner.

TD Ameritrade will join some of the nation's leading companies, including General Electric and Cisco, that are using Corporate Connections' matchmaking ability to connect with high-quality innovation acquisition, contracting, licensing and investing opportunities.

Corporate Connections gives Corporate Partners the ability to access, search and filter a collection of high-quality innovative companies ranging from early stage to venture-backed, while enjoying an accelerated sales cycle and increased transactions.

In addition to TD Ameritrade, NYX has selected 15 other enterprises to become Corporate Partners and plans to fill the remaining few slots by the end of the year.

Enterprises interested in becoming a Corporate Partner or learning more about Corporate Connections should contact Roger London at roger@americansecuritychallenge.

To learn more about TechMATCH, the software being used to run the Corporate Connections program, visit the TechMATCH website.

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Dec 2012

Chesapeake Crescent Initiative Announces New Regional TechMATCH Portal

The Chesapeake Crescent Initiative (CCI) announced the highly anticipated launch of their Regional Innovation Portal designed to stimulate commercialization, licensing, investment and adoption of university, federal lab and technologies in the Chesapeake Region. “This is a major step in positioning this dynamic Chesapeake Region as a whole as a major competitive force in innovation,” said CCI Co-founder and Vice Chairman, George Vradenburg. The portal is in conjunction with the Chesapeake Regional Innovation Fund, a $50 million investment fund being managed by TEDCO that’s geared towards providing seed capital for promising innovators and startups in the fields of energy, security and life sciences. So far, Johns Hopkins University, the National Institute of Health, Virginia Tech, George Washington University, and the University System of Maryland are among the portal participants. The portal can also be accessed and subscribed to by those interested in licensing, investing and other collaborative innovation opportunities.

To learn more, submit your information, or subscribe to the portal, contact Stephanie Carnes at To learn more about TechMATCH, the software through which the portal is run, visit the TechMATCH website.

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Oct 2012

Cyberavnet Becomes Newest TechMATCH Enterprise Licensee

Cyberavnet will use TechMATCH to support their mission of identifying innovative technologies for its military and security client base by connecting clients with qualified innovators and emerging technology companies. Clients will have unprecedented access to a wealth of innovations that can be narrowed down and reviewed based on their individual needs. “The TechMATCH platform allows innovators an easy way to tell us about their technology, and an easy way for us to evaluate them and manage all that information.”  Cyberavnet invites innovators to submit their information to the Cyberavnet portal.

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Sept 2012

DBED Announces InvestMaryland Challenge, Which Will Run on TechMATCH Software

Governor O’Malley announced the launch of the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED)’s InvestMaryland Challenge (IMC), a $300K competition for innovative early-stage businesses and startups. IMC’s launch parallels the launch of Maryland’s new $84 million InvestMaryland venture fund, and will catalyze a new generation of entrepreneurship in the state by connecting startups with business mentors, prospective investors, venture capitalists and other valuable business resources. “TechMATCH makes the competition component a breeze to manage and has added value to the program itself which is helping us generate more sponsor interest,” said IMC Program Director Michelle Jackson.

To see if you qualify or to enter the competition, visit the “Compete” section of the IMC website. To learn more about TechMATCH, visit the TechMATCH website. 

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July 2012

ASC’s TechMATCH Software Used to Run Joint NYSE and StartUp America Initiative

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and StartUp America (SUAP) have launched Corporate Connections, a joint initiative for Big Startup set to bridge the gap between Corporate America and innovative startups. The initiative is powered by TechMATCH software and leverages SUAP’s network of thousands of startups by managing qualified introductions to Corporate Partners who are interested in innovation licensing, contracting acquisition and investment opportunities. To learn more or register with Corporate Connections, visit the SUAP website. Find out more about TechMATCH by visiting the TechMATCH website.

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May 2012

Global Corporate Venturing Announces Challenge Winners

An awards ceremony and gala on May 14, 2012 marked the culmination of Global Corporate Venturing (GCV)’s Tech-Scout challenge, where innovators competed for a chance to secure the financial backing and support of Fortune 500 corporations. Agincourt Solutions, AirPatrol and Unveillance were among the winners of the challenge.

Using TechMATCH software, an impressive pool of innovator submissions offering information technology, social and digital media, financial services, cyber security and energy technology solutions were reviewed by Corporate Venture Capitalists, and narrowed down to 15 finalists. Finalists were then judged on-site by a panel of distinguished UK Trade and Investment judges, each hailing from a Fortune 500 corporation with a collective $5 billion in committed or invested venture capital. Read more.

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March 9, 2012

Global Corporate Venturing Challenge accepting submissions

The 2012 Global Corporate Venturing Challenge is now accepting submissions from game changing cyber, energy and IT hardware & software companies. Top scoring companies will be invited to present May 14 at the annual conference to 100 of the world's most active and successful F500 corporative venture investors. Submission deadline is April 20, 2012. More Information here on the submission process and benefits, with more information here about the Symposium and Challenge.


February 29, 2012

INSA American Security Challenge Winners Awarded

Top Intelligence Technology Companies Win and Preset at Awards Ceremony

On February 22, 2012 at the Key Bridge Marriott in Rosslyn, INSA hosted the INSA American Security Challenge (IASC) Showcase, recognizing innovative, small technology companies working to support the intelligence and defense communities. Over the past six months, 49 Challenger applications were evaluated by a panel of expert reviewers, and six companies were selected to present at the Challenge Showcase. Dr. Alan MacDougall, Director for MASINT and Technical Collection at the Defense Intelligence Agency, was the keynote speaker. Two of the Challenge's Sponsors, General Dynamics and Accenture, selected and announced their pilot partnerships with AirPatrol Corp. and Fixmo, respectively. More information.


August 1, 2011

INSA Opens for Challengers

The INSA American Security Challenge is accepting Challenger submissions on its website. To register or for more information go here. Accenture and ODNI have already agreed to be provide Pilots and other revenue generating opportunities.

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July 1, 2011

Accenture Commits INSA American Security Challenge Partnership

INSA recently announced they entered into an agreement with Accenture who will be a Pilot Award Partner for INSA's 2011 American Security Challenge. The awards ceremony for Challenge winners will be November 9, 2011.

As a Pilot award Partner, Accenture will select one of the higher scoring Challengers from the INSA American Security Challenge applications, and host a pilot to test drive the selected Challenger's technology within its enterprise .For more details about the Accenture announcement go here, for more information about Pilot Award Partners go to INSA Insider.

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June 10, 2011

SINET Showcase begins scoring its Challenger applicants

SINET received almost 100 applicants for it fall Showcase which will highlight the top 16 companies. The SINET Showcase increases awareness of innovative technologies to enhance collaboration between public and private sectors.

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May 31, 2011

Aspen Institute becomes latest ASC Licensing Partner

The Aspen Institute’s Homeland Security Program has agreed to license and partner with the American Security Challenge to run a joint Challenge in early 2012.  The Homeland Security Program works to heighten public awareness as to the nation's continued vulnerability to terrorism, and to persuade the nation to take the necessary steps to close the gap between how secure we should be and how secure we actually are.

“Establishing an annual Aspen Institute American Security Challenge will complement our annual Aspen Security Forum, according to Clark Ervin, the Director of the Aspen Institutes’ Homeland Security Program.  “The IA ASC program deepens our position and relationships in the innovation, technology and small business community which has typically not been the bulk of our constituency.  The AI ASC program provides a superb vehicle to reach that commjity and complient our existing community of high level public and private sector leaders that we typically provide forums for a broad discussion and exchange.”

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April 27, 2011

TechView Demo Day

ASC hosts private TechView demos quarterly for its clients. These are unclassified but closed door demos for a small group of ASC clients and special guests.  The mtgs are kept intentionally small to maximize a quality room and provide the most value to both tech presenters and guests.

Invitations to attend go out to a mixture of ASC federal customers, mid and large system integrators and private sector Fortune 500.  The maximum number of guests is 25. Guests remain anonymous to the presenters but can introduce themselves or follow-up if interested.  Clients and special guests who accepted invitations for the April 27 TechView included guests directly or indirectly from the Pentagon, Office of Secretary of Defense, Office of Director of National Intelligence, The Boeing Company, Alion Science and Technology Corporation, SCITOR, Thermo Fisher Scientific, ARINC, MITRE, the Department of Homeland Security, the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, Joint IED Defeat Office, Defense Intelligence Agency, Ridge Global and early stage security investors Blue Heron and Blu Ventures.

Six companies were selected by ASC clients to make up to 30 minute presentations that offered first person demonstrations of their products.  Presenting companies selected came from four different states to present their secure displays technology, network session authentication, endpoint device change detection, multi-lingual transliteration and semantic analysis and search, data leakage, and malware detection/mitigation…

The April 2011 TechView resulted in requests for 20 follow-up meetings.

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February 23, 2011

ASC signs INSA to Licensing Partnership

INSA today announced their commitment to be an American Security Challenge Licensee. INSA is the premier intelligence and national security organization that provides a unique venue for collaboration, networking and examination of policy issues and solutions. Representing an unprecedented alliance among senior leaders from the public, private and academic sectors, INSA members form an unparalleled community of experts that collaborate to develop creative, innovative and timely solutions to the intelligence and national security issues facing the United States.

"INSA is delighted to Partner with the American Security Challenge which will provide substantial and unique new value to our current stakeholders, as well as enhance our appeal to a broader community,” according to INSA Chairwoman Frances Fragos Townsend, former Deputy National Security Advisor to the President and Chair of the Homeland Security Council to President.  “ASC's model is proven to accelerate the deployment of important technology into the marketplace and provide substantial value to both the innovative community as well as the end customers…both of which are major stakeholders in our membership."

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Top scoring Challenger profile

Many ask about the Challengers who go through the process….are they startups, do they need clearances, do they need to be in the Washington D.C. area, etc.  The following is information about the top 50 scoring Challengers from a recent search which will shed some light on those questions.  NOTE: not every Challenger provided information in every field so each data set might be a profile of less than 100% of the top Challengers.

Location: The top scoring Challengers were from 21 different states across the country as well as four different countries.
Grant Funding: Of the top scoring Challengers, 56% received grant research funding ranging from $200,000 to $45,000,000.  The median funding amount was $2,000,000.
Outside Funding: Two-thirds of the top scoring Challengers received outside funding (angel investment, venture capital or other) while one-third bootstrapped their own capitalization.  The amount of outside capital from those accepting it ranged from $150,000 to $62,000,000 with the median investment level being $5,250,000.
Revenue: Of the top scoring Challengers, the highest 2010 revenue recorded was $62,000,000 with the median annual revenue at $2,200,000.
Intellectual Property: Of the top scoring Challengers, 97% indicated they have intellectual property.
Technology maturity: Using the industry standard Technology Readiness Level posted guidelines, 56% of the top scoring Challengers had a TRL of 9, 16% had a TRL of 8, 13% had a TRL of 7 with the remaining 12% at TRL 6.
Technology category areas: Of the four categories Cyber, C4ISR, Energy and Physical security, 36 of the top Challengers identified their technology as Cyber, 27 as C4ISR, 28 as Physical and 15 as energy (some companies addressed multiple categories).
Historical DOD sales: 11% indicated they had direct sales with DoD in the last year.
Security Clearances: Only 21% indicated they had any employees with clearances.
Number of Employees: The number of employees ranged from 1 to 130 with a median of 10 employees.


What does this mean?  This profile tells us the following:

  • That ASC enjoys a broad reach into many technology communities across the country and around the world.
  • That most of the Challengers are small but growing companies seeking new contracting and investment opportunities for their deployable and near-term deployable technologies.
  • That ASC reaches into many technology communities not currently on the defense radar screen who have raised substantial investment capital and are currently selling into non-security markets but have technologies that are applicable.

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Recent Pilot activity

We have Challengers working with Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, Federal Buereau of Investigations, Customs Border Patrol, ArcSight, and Raytheon.

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Recent funding activity

Blue Heron Capital closed a $2M investment into CipherOptics. For more information see CipherOptics announcement.

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Other Transaction activity

HarborWing Technologies was selected by Raytheon as their proposed protégé in the Department of Defense Mentor-Protégé program. Protégés can benefit from up to $1M for up to three years in funding and support.

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Updated Tech scouting list

For a list of the most current technologies of interest of ASC tech scouting clients, please see the updated technology shopping list.

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What Others Say About ASC

"Critical to our national security mission is the intersection of the entrepreneur, the investment community and the ultimate user….and at the end of the day it is the American Security Challenge. You are helping America meet it (this mission) with this Challenge and I thank you.

Governor Tom Ridge
Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary

"We were absolutely amazed; the benefits have been fantastic. We ended up actively pursuing relationships with seven companies. That's a phenomenal win for us…and really pays tribute to the veracity of the American Security Challenge."

Raytheon- ASC Award Partner

"INSA is delighted to Partner with the American Security Challenge which will provide substantial and unique new value to our current stakeholders, as well as enhance our appeal to a broader community.

ASC's model is proven to accelerate the deployment of important technology into the marketplace and provide substantial value to both the innovative community as well as the end customers…both of which are major stakeholders in our membership."

Frances Fragos Townsend, INSA Chairwoman
Former Deputy National Security Advisor to the President
Former Chair of the Homeland Security Council to President

“This is useful for ArcSight to explore all these new technologies.  We picked up a large number of pilots…and will have our product facing folks get involved to talk about the value to our customers.  We are very excited about it; it is a valuable experience for the whole company.”

ArcSight- Award Partner

“The process was streamlined and we are thrilled with the qualified sales and investor prospects that resulted from the Challenge.  We have a great product and this (ASC) exponentially increased our exposure to valuable transaction candidates.”

AginCourt- Challenger

We closed today officially with a $1.9m investment into a company you referred us just 10 weeks ago!!  Thanks for all your help.  We would never have learned about that company and a few others that we are tracking now without the hard work from you and your team at American Security Challenge.  

Blue Heron Capital - Award Partner

"I've been involved in evaluating technologies for decades. The ASC platform has mastered the art of efficiently collecting the right amount and type of company data, in combination with a smart but simple standardized scoring system that is ultimately captured in an easy to use and sort database as well, perhaps better than any evaluation management system I've been a party to."

Bob Flores, former CTO of CIA and now
President of Applicology, an advisory firm in the National Security sector.

“The American Security Challenge addresses a spectrum of security challenges.  It’s rare that we get to cross pollinate with DOD or other defense companies and share ideas as we don’t normally talk with each other.”

TD Ameritrade- Founding Sponsor

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