Security Technology Categories

ASC contracts on an annual basis with various members of the defense and intelligence community as well as the Fortune 500 to identify innovative technologies that match their requirements in the four categories of Cyber security, C4ISR, Physical security and energy. The list below, frequently referred to as the "shopping list", reflects the current combined interest of ASC clients. Many clients share common interests; however some interests are unique to specific clients but those interests can be embedded in the master list without individual attribution.

Clients frequently offer "Pilots" to Challengers with innovative technologies that address a client's needs.

What is a Pilot?

A Pilot is a "test-drive" hosted by an ASC client or a Challenge Pilot Award Partner allowing them to test a potential Challenger solution against real-world stresses. This pilot program is intended to help qualified (need, funding and authority) customers and qualified (problem solving) sellers of innovative technology accelerate the procurement process.

ASC clients and Pilot Award Partners may be the end customer organization or a reseller such as a systems integrator. Since launching the Pilot program in the fall of 2010, ASC Challengers have pilots started in seven different organizations through the first two quarters of 2011.

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Technology Category Requirements/Application Description

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