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Our Finalists


A few recent accomplishments by Challenge finalists in our portfolio.



A member of the 2010 American Security challenge, Bit9 has gone on to raise $123 million in funding to a present day $45 million in revenue and 350 full time employees. Bit9 has parternered with ArcSight, IBM, LogRhythm, and RSA to bring their security solutions to the table in a big way.


Bit9 also recently acquired Carbon Black, expanding their footprint in the industry and establishing themselves as a key player.



Cipher Optics


Ciphere Optics, now Certes Networks, has thousands of products and operates in 70 countries. They have raised $40 million in funding and have revenue of $35 million. Certes Networks currenly employs around 100 full time employees.


Cipher Optics participated in the 2010 American Security Challenge.



Also a finalist from the 2010 American Security Challenge, Pikewerks was successfully acquired by Raytheon soon after completing the Challenge.

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