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What is Tech Scouting?

"We were absolutely amazed; the benefits have been fantastic. We ended up actively pursuing relationships with seven companies. That's a phenomenal win for us…and really pays tribute to the veracity of the American Security Challenge."



Award Partner


Simply put, we connect you with technology solutions to problems your company is trying to solve.


ASC is an effective front-end scout helping scour the technology landscape to identify and then evaluate potential solutions, or provide comparative competition of a specific technology vendor under consideration.


Our custom tech scouting fills the underserved and increasing demand for competent, efficient, and rapid technology identification and screening. 


ASC finds innovative technology in our national and international network of:

-venture capitalists

-angel investors

-university and federal labs



-service providers (mentors, attorneys, accountants, consultants, recruiters, i-bankers, etc)


-technology and scientific associations


-technology transfer offices


This pro-active scouting and vetting offers clients confidence that they can uncover the most viable solution to their unique requirements (or in some cases, provide the insight that innovators have not yet provided a deployable cost effective solution as desired by the client).


Our area of expertise is cyber, C4ISR, physical and energy technologies. 


ASC's database of innovative technology is further supplemented by the outreach of its Licensees who add their their network of professionals and tech communities to our technology pipeline.

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