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About the American Security Challenge

"Critical to our national security mission is the intersection of the entrepreneur, the investment community and the ultimate user….and at the end of the day it is the American Security Challenge. You are helping America meet it (this mission) with this Challenge and I thank you.


Governor Tom Ridge

Former Department of HomelandSecurity Secretary


The American Security Challenge (ASC) is a program that pro-actively scouts innovation communities for technologies that match the requirements of our national security customers & users.


ASC's clients can be found across the federal defense and intelligence community, private sector critical infrastructure owners, and fortune 500 companies.


Our goal is to bring innovative national security technology to the attention of customers, investors, strategic partners, and serial entrepreneurs...


...increasing probability of new technology getting to market while decreasing the time and cost to make it happen.

We offer Tech Scouting services, and licensing for our TechMATCH software.


© 2019 by the American Security Challenge

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