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Benefits of being a TechMATCH Licensee


TechMATCH was built to help connect clients with the innovation opportunities they deserve.


TechMATCH operates as a workflow tool that helps manage the innovation screening process, while arming clients with an innovation cloud that helps you pinpoint the exact technology you're looking for.


There are many ways to enjoy the benefits of this powerful software. You can use TechMATCH as your own internal innovation portal, to facilitate innovation matchmaking through the innovation cloud, or host a technology challenge/event.


Enterprises who license TechMATCH will:

  • Enjoy more market participation from innovators

  • Have higher quality and more efficient technology reviews

  • Review more technologies in less time

  • Accomplish better innovation Matches

  • Leverage technologies found by colleagues in other cities and departments


Associations, media and event organizations that license TechMATCH will be able to:

  • Increase non-dues revenue

  • Increase membership, sponsorship and event attendance

  • Impress stakeholders

  • Market their brand on a large scale while furthering competitive differentiation




Learn more about TechMATCH.

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