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What Others Say About ASC

"Critical to our national security mission is the intersection of the entrepreneur, the investment community and the ultimate user….and at the end of the day it is the American Security Challenge. You are helping America meet it (this mission) with this Challenge and I thank you.


Governor Tom Ridge

Former Department of HomelandSecurity Secretary


"INSA is delighted to Partner with the American Security Challenge which will provide substantial and unique new value to our current stakeholders, as well as enhance our appeal to a broader community.


ASC's model is proven to accelerate the deployment of important technology into the marketplace and provide substantial value to both the innovative community as well as the end customers…both of which are major stakeholders in our membership."


Frances Fragos Townsend

INSA Chairwoman
Former Deputy National Security Advisor
Former Chair of the Homeland Security Council


“This is useful for ArcSight to explore all these new technologies.  We picked up a large number of pilots…and will have our product facing folks get involved to talk about the value to our customers.  We are very excited about it; it is a valuable experience for the whole company.”



Award Partner


“The process was streamlined and we are thrilled with the qualified sales and investor prospects that resulted from the Challenge.  We have a great product and this (ASC) exponentially increased our exposure to valuable transaction candidates.”





"We were absolutely amazed; the benefits have been fantastic. We ended up actively pursuing relationships with seven companies. That's a phenomenal win for us…and really pays tribute to the veracity of the American Security Challenge."



Award Partner


"We closed today officially with a $1.9m investment into a company you referred us just 10 weeks ago. Thanks for all your help.  We would never have learned about that company, and a few others that we are tracking now, without the hard work from you and your team at American Security Challenge."


Blue Heron Capital

Award Partner


"I've been involved in evaluating technologies for decades. The ASC platform has mastered the art of efficiently collecting the right amount and type of company data, in combination with a smart but simple standardized scoring system that is ultimately captured in an easy to use and sort database as well, perhaps better than any evaluation management system I've been a party to.”


Bob Flores

Former CTO of CIA
President of Applicology


“The American Security Challenge addresses a spectrum of security challenges.  It’s rare that we get to cross pollinate with DOD or other defense companies and share ideas as we don’t normally talk with each other.”


TD Ameritrade

Founding Sponsor

Award Partner


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