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ASC’s endgame is to identify innovative technologies with capabilities that best address the requirement of ASC clients across the defense and intelligence communities, as well as Fortune 500 companies.  To best help our clients, we generate a technology “shopping list” (see our Technology Security Categories list) that reflects the real-time needs and requirements of clients who have contacted ASC to find them bleeding edge technology. 


ASC (and ASC Licensees) strategically distribute this shopping list to our national and international network of venture capitalists, angel investors, university and federal labs, academia, entrepreneurs, service providers (mentors, attorneys, accountants, consultants, recruiters, i-bankers, etc) corporations, technology and scientific associations, incubators, technology transfer offices, and other technology hotspots where Client’s requirements may not be known.


Innovative tech companies are referred to our TechMATCH system, where they submit their technology through ASC’s proprietary tech scouting platform. Non-confidential information is collected that provides an efficient profile of the company, its technology and customer applications.


Once we collect a vast list of innovative tech companies that fit our clients' needs, over 100 ASC reviewers use a proprietary scoring methodology we have developed over the years that effectively evaluates and screens through every tech company in our database.  Reviewer teams are a cross section of expertise that provide business, technical, military, civilian, industry, customer, financial, and entrepreneur perspectives for a well-rounded review rather a typical groupthink scoring that occurs from just one or two viewpoints.  Scoring examines the technology’s uniqueness, value to the customer, scalability, and competitive insulation as well as company stability and management. Reviewer scores and comments are provided back to the companies in our databse, providing meaningful feedback from reviewers representing a diverse set of expert perspectives on the technology and market.


The ASC model is similar to a venture capital screening model that evaluates 100 companies to identify the 25% or so that separates the wheat from the chaff. Higher scoring companies are invited to submit more detailed (still non-proprietary) information for a deeper evaluation by a different review team of qualified experts. After the second round of reviews, the top scoring companies are referred to ASC clients with technologies that match different clients’ requirements. For example: client ABC would be matched with the top Challengers in their interest areas which include data mining, forensics, fuel cells and signal intelligence. Client XYZ would be matched with the top Challengers in XYZ’s interest areas of malware detection, data mining, information assurance, high speed processing and reverse engineering.


Search and screening results are kept in a proprietary database that is constantly updated in real time as innovators launch new products, land blue chip customers, obtain outside capital or sell their business. Our dynamic database contains unique and innovative solutions that most large public or private buyers of security technology are not aware of.


ASC works in conjunction with the non-profit National Security Initiative, a marketing, research and event management firm in the defense sector as well as the National Security Operations Corporation who provides the tech scouting and vetting expertise.

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